Honda Malaysia says no 2023 price increase for now –

There have been some movements in car prices this week as we enter 2023, and we’ve already seen bumps in RRP for certain Toyota sedan models and some lower-end variants of the Nissan Navara. However, Honda Malaysia (HM) will not be increasing prices for now, even if the conditions are described as ‘challenging’.

“Despite the current challenging situation, Honda Malaysia will maintain its car prices as of now. Our priority is to continue providing highest quality products and deliver to customers in timely manner,” a HM spokesman told today when queried on the matter.

This means that it’s status quo for prices of popular Honda models such as the City, Civic, CR-V and the latest HR-V. The latter, launched to much fanfare in July 2022, has a substantial waiting list due to high demand, and the latter part of the above statement is a reminder than HM is aware of the situation and is making delivery a main priority.

By the way, Honda Malaysia’s entire line-up is CKD locally assembled in Melaka. Perhaps that gives the company a bit more ‘cushion’ when it comes to price movements. The Toyota Corolla/Camry and Nissan Navara are CBU imports from Thailand.

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