Illinois: $248 Registration Fee On BEVs, $100 More Than For Gas

Illinois increased registration fees and fuel tax. BEVs will pay $248 annually, which seems to be the highest amount in the U.S.

The $45 billion transportation bill approved in Illinois doesn’t include the ridiculous $1,000 annual registration fee on all-electric cars – that’s the good news.

The bad news is that the current registration fee on BEVs increased 14 times to $248 and it’s $100 more than other types of cars.

Here are the details:

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Assuming 25-50 MPG fuel economy, the $100 difference would require one to buy fuel for 6,575 miles – 13,150 miles per year. It seems that in the end, both the ICE and BEVs should be paying a similar amount assuming average mileage.

The biggest winner in such circumstances should be the PHEVs – while driving entirely on electricity, their cost will be $148.

The increase in taxes is dictated by the need to increase the budget for road maintenance.

Source: Green Car Reports

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