In May 2019 Jaguar I-PACE Sales Almost Hit 1,600

Again one in eight Jaguar sold globally was electric!

Jaguar I-PACE sales increased in May to 1,594 (globally, including 510 in Norway) and stand at close to 7,500 after five months.

The share of I-PACE in overall Jaguar volume was 12.1%, which is a not bad on one side, but not enough on the other, as Jaguar sales decreased 9.4% to 13,142.

We are wondering whether Jaguar I-PACE is production constrained (and how much), as it could be the most important question for the future of the brand. If demand is higher than what we see in the sales stats (let’s say 4,000 per month), then I-PACE, in theory, could bring back Jaguar to growth and give time for another plug-in. Otherwise, the problems could be deeper.

Total cumulative sales of the I-PACE are now 14,349.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – May 2019

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