Ionity Map Reveals Future Fast Charging Stations For 2021 In Europe

We can say where the 30 new locations will be in Portugal, Poland, Spain, Latvia…

Oliver Blume said at the Volkswagen Power Day that the Ionity fast-charging stations would reach four more countries in 2021: Portugal, Poland, Estonia, and Latvia. It would also expand in the countries in which it already is. We asked Ionity about these new stations, and the company showed an updated map with all the locations. Europe will have 30 new stations in 13 countries.

Unfortunately, Ionity decided not to disclose the exact locations at this point, but the map did for the company. In all cases, Google Maps revealed the exact locations. EV owners will probably be happy enough to know where to expect these new fast chargers.

Spain is the country that will get more stations: seven. They will be in O Corgo, Milagros, Martín de Yeltes, Mérida, Trigueros, Cádiz, and Casabermeja. In some of these locations, it seems there are two stations. That’s because they are located in Cepsa fuel stations on both sides of the roads on which they are.

Ionity and Cepsa announced the creation of a fast-charging corridor between Madrid and Barcelona in November 2020 and said they had a goal to “cover the main intercity routes in Spain and Portugal, as well as the main connecting routes with the rest of the European continent,” with 35 Ionity stations at Cepsa locations in 2021.

At Cepsa fuel stations in Portugal, we’ll find the first four Ionity locations in the country. They will be located in Aldeia dos Fernandes (Almodôvar), São Bento do Ameixial (Estremoz), Arrabal (Leiria), and Alheira (Barcelos). As they will also be placed on the two sides of the roads on which they are, you could count them as eight.

These fast-charging stations have been placed to allow people traveling from Spain to Portugal to have Ionity chargers on their way to Lisbon, Porto, Faro, and Gerês, the main touristic areas in the country. They will also help EV owners in Portugal to travel from and to any of these areas.

Poland will have Ionity stations in Świecko (close to the border with Germany), Rombark (Gdańsk), and Kaszewy Kościelne. In this case, the charging spots will be in Shell fuel stations. 

In Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Ionity will have stations with Circle K fuel stations. Estonia will have two locations for them: Märjamaa and Arumetsa. Lithuania and Latvia will have only one. While it will be in Bijotai in Lithuania, between Klaipėda and Kaunas (allowing EV traffic between these cities), Latvia will have its Ionity fast-charging station in Stapriņi, which is pretty close to Riga, the country’s capital.

For the other countries that already have Ionity fast-charging stations, France and Italy will get three more locations each. In France, they will in Cressensac-Sarrazac, Bédenac, and Bolleville. In Italy, EV owners will find them in Nus, Scarlino, and Battipaglia.

Germany, Czechia, England, Scotland, and Sweden will each get a new Ionity station. In Germany, it will be in Hamminkeln. In Czechia, Lovosice is the chosen location. England will get another Ionity fast-charging station in Alnwick, and Scotland will get one in Glasgow. Finally, Sweden’s new location will be in Gävle. Good news for EV owners in each of these countries.

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