Is Tesla Cybertruck Outdone By Mahindra Gio With Cheap EV Conversion?

Well, not really, but Technical Partha’s electric pickup truck is ready to roll.

We thought electric pickup trucks were a thing mostly in the US, but India wants a piece of that pie too. More specifically, Technical Partha, the YouTube channel that created the cheapest EV conversion we have ever seen. With a Mahindra Gio Compact Truck, they decided to challenge the Tesla Cybertruck with another inexpensive EV conversion, only with two electric motors instead of one.

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As the Maruti 800, the Mahindra Gio was already worn out, probably a junkyard scenery element. Technical Partha has a little more trouble adapting the electric drivetrain in this case, but we can see common parts with the previous EV conversion we have shown you. Probably the same ones, such as the motorcycle throttle with a potentiometer.

The first step to get the Indian electric pickup ready is cutting the CV joint half-shafts on the rear axle. It is concerning that Technical Partha seems to do that with bare hands and no safety equipment, possibly due to budget issues. If you decide to do something similar, make sure you take the right measures to protect yourself.

After the cutting ends, Technical Partha welds the supports to two electric motors on the rear axle. With the motors already bolted to them, mind you. These motors are them connected to the CV joint half-shafts with the help of gear. We did not really get how it was made. Nonetheless, there they are.

The last part of the conversion is connecting each of the motors to their respective controllers and the controllers to a tiny battery pack. We can see the cylindrical cells in an aluminum frame. It is the only part with any information on the video: 48V and 30Ah.

We would not know anything else about the controllers or the motors if it was not for the video description. There, the Indian YouTuber says he uses two 48V, 750 W motors, and “controller 2.” He probably meant that the controllers share the same specifications.

With everything connected, the battery pack and controllers are placed under the single row of seats the Mahindra Gio offers. Technical Partha did not show how he adapted the motorcycle throttle to the accelerator pedal this time, but it must have been made in a similar fashion to the Maruti 800.

Will the Tesla Cybertruck ever feel threatened by the tiny Indian electric pickup truck? Not in a million years, but both are undoubtedly controversial in their building methods.

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