Is The Kandi K27 America's Next Most Popular EV?


The US is known for its long roads, great travel distances, and love for big vehicles. Smart tried to convince Americans into “small is beautiful” and failed spectacularly. Any Chinese company should better have that in mind to sell here then, right? Kandi and SC Autosports, LLC, didn’t. And they are now trying to sell a new vehicle in the US, the K27.

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The image alone can give you an idea of how small this EV is. And we say that because this is really all we have regarding its dimensions: the press release only mentions it sits only four people and nothing else.

We tried to find more information about the company and the car. Chinese companies usually use other vehicles, from other manufacturers, to create electric versions of them with a different logo. It is EV badge engineering at large scale, but it seems Kandi does produce its vehicles by itself.

Geely, which also controls Volvo, owns Kandi, what makes call the K23 merely a Geely EV. Its full name would be Geely Kandi GLEagle K23. It is sold in the US as Kandi K23, a code it also receives in China, but it does not appear on the Chinese website. 

Neither does the K27, at least not as the company has presented it. If you look for Kandi K27 on the internet, you find a completely different vehicle. Check it below and also at the official Chinese Kandi page. Curiously, the US K27 is still not on the US website either.

The other car Kandi sells in the US is the K22, which is also known in China as K12. There seems to be a range difference between them: the K22 goes a little further than the K12.

The K27 has a 17.69 kWh battery pack that allows it to run 100 mi. The company does not inform if that is an EPA rating or a WLTP figure. The piece of information it emphasizes the most is that you can have the full federal tax credit of $7,500 on it. Nonetheless, the company does not say how much it will cost in the US. 

The K22 goes for $18,995, and it is a two-seater, like the Smart ForTwo. The K23 costs $29,999, but it is bigger and has a much longer range than the K27. We’d bet the new Kandi EV will cost a little more than the K22. We only wonder who will dig it in the land of pickup trucks – electric, in the short term – and long roads.

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