Isuzu And Honda To Research Hydrogen Heavy-duty Trucks

Isuzu would like to explore the use of hydrogen fuel cells in heavy-duty trucks using Honda tech.

Isuzu, a Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer, recently entered a partnership with Honda to jointly research the possibility of using hydrogen fuel cells to power heavy-duty trucks.

For Isuzu, which produce also diesel engines, the times of electrification are probably very challenging. Diesel is in retreat, emission requirements are stricter and gradual progress in batteries does not allow for “business as usual.”

Unfortunately (in our opinion), instead of moving towards all-electric trucks, Isuzu is trying to develop FCVs.

Honda’s experience in hydrogen fuel cells surely will help to speed up the development of FCVs trucks in the pilot program, but the question is whether it really has any chances for commercialization?

“There are still some issues that need to be addressed to popularize the use of FC and hydrogen energy, including issues related to cost and infrastructure. These issues need to be tackled not only by individual companies but more expansively through industry-wide initiatives. Against this backdrop, Isuzu was striving to expand its lineup of next-generation powertrains for heavy-duty trucks, and Honda was striving to expand application of its FC technologies beyond use for passenger vehicles, which will represent progress toward the realization of a hydrogen society. Sharing the same technological research goals, the two companies reached an agreement to conduct joint research on heavy-duty FC trucks.”

The joint project is only for two years, according to Reuters, which suggests that Isuzu is not convinced about hydrogen either.

A lot depends on the outcome and progress in electric trucks around the world. A few good examples, like the eventual successful rollout of the Tesla Semi or strong push by Daimler, might be enough to trigger an avalanche.

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