‘It’s too slow!’ New 20mph rule slammed as Wales approves ‘ridiculous’ national limit

Scotland: MSP defends plans for new 20mph speed limit

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The speed limit in built-up areas of Wales will be reduced from 30mph to 20mph next year to improve road safety. Welsh ministers also claim the lower speed limit will improve the quality of life for citizens.

The Senedd passed the law in a vote on Tuesday, July 12, which gained support from Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru but was opposed by the Welsh Conservatives. 

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford said: “We know that 20mph zones reduce the speed of traffic, reduce accidents – particularly accidents to children.  

“We want to see that become the default position right across Wales.” 

Many towns and cities already have 20mph limits on some residential roads but Wales will be the first to introduce it as a default speed limit.

In response, Express.co.uk ran a poll from midday on Saturday, July 23, to midday on Monday, August 1, asking readers: “Should all residential roads be limited to 20mph?” 

Overall, 6,130 readers cast their votes with the vast majority, 76 percent (4,672 people), answering “no”, all residential roads should not be limited to 20mph.

A further 23 percent (1,420 people) said “yes” they should, while just one percent (38 people) said they did not know. 

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on reducing speed limits.

Most readers were against the introduction of a 20mph speed limit with one reader, username Knobituk, writing: “Absolutely ridiculous slowing everything to a crawl.” 

Username So be it. said: “20 is too slow, it just makes more people overtake.” 

Username Sweet_DudeUK said: “Absolutely insane to go that slow for no reason!” 

And username DeltaLady wrote: “To introduce a blanket 20mph limit is absolutely ridiculous.”


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The speed limit is not a blanket limit as local authorities will determine which roads should remain at 30 mph. 

It is currently being trialled in eight communities but will come into force nationally in September 2023.  

One trial area in Monmouthshire has reversed the reduced speed limit after locals expressed concerns over congestion. 

Monmouthshire County Council said it had made the reversal to “address some of the community concerns raised while balancing this with the benefits of reducing speed limits”.

Other readers argued that it should only be enforced in certain areas, such as around schools. 

Username SteveJP said: “Around schools and other vulnerable sites, maybe. But generally, we need to keep the country moving.” 

While username Jock-the-scot said: “Only near schools or in narrow lanes housing estates. 

“We have them here as an experiment and they protect no one and annoy everyone. There is no need for 20 zones on high streets or other thoroughfares.”

However, some thought slower speed limits were a good idea but current restrictions needed to be enforced better. 

Username Di.Rad said: “Yes, only problem is that it will never be policed enough.”

Username suegwarks said: “It would be better if local councils enforced the current 30 mph speed limit.” 

Another, username Buy British, when you can, said: “Enforcement of what we have around schools would be a great start.”

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