Ken Block hoons his truck up the most dangerous road in China

Ken Block is back in the 914-hp, all-wheel-drive Hoonitruck for another viral YouTube video called Climbkhana 2. In this episode, Block heads to China and Tianmen Mountain, also known as … China’s most dangerous road. The road that leads up that mountain, a 5,000-foot ascent, is about 7 miles long and features 99 turns all barricaded with cement block.

You can see Block in the video swing the spoiler of his truck along those cement blocks, just bending the corner up, all while shifting, sliding and roasting tires. Stay with it for the killer 360-degree camera views and sometimes vertigo-inducing drone shots (check it out at 5:05).

We’re not sure if this is Climbkhana Two of 10 or two of two, but it’s always good to see Block back in the driver’s seat for some unsanctioned fun.

Check out Climbkhana One below, and note the closing songs on both. Spoiler alert: They both have to do with mountains.


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