‘Ludicrously stupid’: Drivers say Sainsbury’s car park layout ‘like playing Super Mario’

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The store in Christchurch, Dorset has been slammed by shoppers who are facing a ‘hairpin bend’ when pulling into the car park and the layout has apparently led to several near misses as drivers attempt to manoeuvre around the tight bends.

The position of two-speed humps in both lanes is also causing drivers to go through the middle of them, risking head-on accidents.

Customers say the black road surface and white lines have the appearance of the Driving School found at Legoland in Windsor.

Other drivers have compared the layout to a real-life version of the computer game Super Mario.

One shopper, Samantha Blackmore-Wells, took to social media to write: “It’s too narrow for most cars to pass each other safely. My last car was a people carrier and I would have had to shop elsewhere.”

She added: “When I approach the Sainsbury’s roundabout to enter their new ‘hairpin’ car park entrance/exit, I actually feel my stress levels rising.

“My heart beats faster, I get hot, I feel anxious, then usually mutter under my breath ‘whose was this stupid ridiculous idea; what a total idiot’.”

Another, Simon Elvery, said: “The architect/designer of Sainsbury’s new entrance should return his payment for designing the most ludicrously stupid car park I’ve seen.”

And Ruth Brewer posted: “It makes you feel travel sick with so many twists & turns.”

Another driver, ​​Kevin Clarke pointed out a couple of similarities and declared: “The new road layout looks like the Driving School track at Legoland and is like playing Super Mario when driving around it.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Feedback is important to us and we can reassure our Christchurch Superstore customers that work in our car park will be completed soon and improve the flow of traffic.”

It comes after motorists blasted a ‘bizarre’ and ‘dangerous’ oval-shaped roundabout made up of concentric circles on a busy town centre road on the Isle of Man, installed last summer.

Drone pictures of the new feature showed three rings in the middle of a junction with the same number of roads connecting from different angles, reported Mail Online.

Locals in the Isle of Man’s capital Douglas slammed the idea, which was part of a £25million project, claiming it makes no sense and is impossible to work out.

But the local Government said the junction should be used like “any other roundabout” and that “motorists will soon get used to them”.

Islander Craig Goffin said: “This new roundabout is completely and utterly bizarre. It makes no sense to me, why not just put a regular roundabout in there? It’s just confusing for everyone.”

He added: “I’m worried that there will be accidents there because for some people it will be impossible to work out.

They’ll pull up to it and not know what all these lines mean or where to go. It’s not the kind of roundabout anyone is familiar with. People seem a bit panicked about it.”

Thousands of people took to Facebook to vent their anger at the plans.

Julie Charlton posted: “It’s bloody dangerous. I’m at a loss as to who thought this was a good idea, you can see the gradient from certain angles and not from others.

“This design is for pages in a ‘mind puzzle’ book… shocking!”

June Webster added: “My seven-year-old grandson said if they put a H in the middle it could be a helipad.”

Alan Desmond posted: “A totally logical design – if you were on mind bending drugs, that is. Reminds me of one of those puzzles where you have to guide the little ball bearing to the centre. Other than that, it looks truly atrocious.”

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