Maserati Has A New Trident Logo, Here's What's Different

The restyled Trident logo and updated script make their debut on the MC20 sports car.

With the arrival of the new Maserati MC20 – a super sports car with 621 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged V6 –the Italian company has also decided to update its iconic Trident logo. Though it may not look much different at first glance, the light restyling won’t go unnoticed by fans of the brand.

What looks like a minor detail of the MC20 is actually another sign of the beginning of a new era for Maserati, which includes a thorough relaunch and more focus on racing and electrification. And part of that new era includes an updated logo, which you can see clearly on the MC20.

Modern Elegance

Maserati says that the evolved Trident symbol – inspired by the Neptune fountain in Bologna – is now, “more modern, balanced and elegant.” Early logo modifications started with a restyling in 2005, in which the company redesigned the two side arrows, creating a detachment that separates the Trident from the blue area that fills the lower part of the classic oval coat of arms. But the latest change is even more dramatic

In the famous glazed vertical oval that contains the Maserati symbol, the red-colored Trident turns blue. Now the badge becomes two-tone (rather than three), with white and a color that the company calls Maserati Blue.

New Badges Everywhere

The new logo, in its different shapes, sizes, and finishes, can be found all over the Maserati MC20, from the front mask to the front hood, from the steering wheel to the wheel hubs. The steering wheel is especially interesting, as it has the Trident logo inside a circle rather than an oval, due to the round shape of the airbag. Also, the Trident logo on the C-pillar of the MC20 loses the oval frame and ditches the lightning bolt at the base that characterized all Maseratis in past years.

Rewriting The Script

Also new is the Maserati wordmark that appears on the tail of the MC20, even though it’s only a very minor change. The “Maserati” text gets a bit sharper and more streamlined here, and that same updated font will be used on all the Maserati models that follow. What’s more, both the Trident logo and the Maserati lettering have a satin chrome finish that replaces the glossy one. Maserati says that new finish creates a more technical effect and “refers to the materiality of polished aluminum”.

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