McLaren Speedster Teased Revealing World's Tiniest Windshield

McLaren is building just 399 of them.

The rumors are true about the McLaren Speedster, and here is the first official teaser for the upcoming, roofless model. In the gallery below, the darker image is the original, but there’s a brightened version that provides a much better look at the vehicle’s design details.

Gallery: McLaren Speedster Teaser

McLaren Speedster Teaser
McLaren Speedster Teaser
McLaren Speedster Teaser Brightened

The vehicle’s shape is striking with curving lines leading the eye along the length of the body. There’s a pointed, low-slung nose that leads to the smallest windshield imaginable. The rearview mirror is comically small and doesn’t appear to offer a view of anything behind the high nacelles on the rear deck. McLaren confirms there are dihedral doors for entering the cabin.

The teaser only shows the silhouette, but there’s evidence of a vent in the hood. With the right airflow management, McLaren might be able to direct the wind over the occupants’ heads to make driving the roofless car at high speed a little more comfortable.

For now, McLaren only confirms that the model uses a version of the brand’s twin-turbo V8 but doesn’t specify the engine’s displacement. The lack of a roof and lots of carbon fiber makes this McLaren’s lightest road-going vehicle ever, the company claims. The goal of this layout is to create a machine that offers the ultimate in on-road driving pleasure and “an unrivaled sense of driver connection with the surrounding environment,” according to the teaser.

Speedster is only the model’s rumored name, and McLaren says that it doesn’t yet have an official moniker for the roofless vehicle. Deliveries of it begin in late 2020, and the automaker is only making 399 examples of them. Pricing sits between the $958,966 Senna and 2.1-million British pound ($2.556 million) Speedtail. The company is taking pre-orders during the ongoing Monterey Car Week, and expect the wealthy folks attending the automotive extravaganza to snap up much of the allocation.

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