Mercury Shocks Boating World With First V12 Outboard Engine

7.3 liters. 600 horsepower. What car should we swap this into?

In the boating world, outboard motors reign supreme in terms of portability, ease of maintenance, and better power-to-weight ratio in comparison to their inboard counterparts. However, these design advantages limit the engine’s power output, which is a fair trade-off for the benefit of larger cabin space.

That’s the reason why the Lexus LY 650 opted for a 2,700-horsepower (2,013-kilowatt) Volvo inboard engine setup, while the Lamborghini 63 luxury yacht has two V12s integrated within the hull, each making 2,000 hp (1,491 kW).

Gallery: Mercury Verado V12 Outboard Motor

While Mercury outboard motors can only produce as much as 400 hp (298 kW), the company has created a solution. Introducing, the Mercury Verado – the first-ever V12 motor designed for outboard use. It aims to revolutionize the boat and yacht design, and it’s easy to see why.

With a 7.6-liter displacement and quad-cam powerhead, the Verado can produce up to 600 hp (447 kW). With more horsepower comes more flexibility for boat builders, needing fewer outboard engines than before, ergo, increasing fuel efficiency by 20 to 25 percent.

The Mercury Verado V12 also features a lot of unique traits. It has the first two-speed automatic transmission for outboard engines. It also has the first steerable gearcase, which pivots independently underwater while allowing the powerhead to stay in place – a space-saving feature. 

Style, of course, isn’t forgotten in the Verado’s color choices. It’s available in Phantom Black, as well as in three shades of white namely Pearl Fusion White, Cold Fusion White, and Warm Fusion White.

With all these said, there’s one discerning question that needs to be answered: With 7.3 liters and 600 naturally-aspirated horsepower on tap, what car do you think we should swap this engine into?



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