Mid-Engined Chevrolet Corvette Prototype Caught Up Close On Video

Fake body cladding is everywhere on this test car.

Professional spy photographers are very good at catching automakers driving camouflaged prototypes on the street, but we don’t think there’s ever been a car so widely captured on camera by the general public as the C8 mid-engined Corvette. In fact, some of the best sightings we’ve had of this new supercar have come through cell phones of excited onlookers.

Oh So Many Spy Shots:

CorvetteBlogger.com unearthed this recent glimpse from YouTuber marceldemario, and while it doesn’t offer the best look, we salute this videographer for two reasons. One, we’re given a totally legit explanation for why it was shot as a vertical video (he was excited) so we’re cool with the format. And two, the video is paused at key areas and it actually gives a damn good look at the car despite the quick drive-by.

Let’s examine some of these moments. For starters, this particular prototype had a big black strip on the door where we’ve been seeing the 07:18:19 reveal date, meaning, of course, July 18. We have no idea why it’s missing here, but we do see some of the fake bulges and panels on the door that we’ve seen on other prototypes. In reality, we expect the production car to be rather flush as opposed to rolling lines we see here.

The front clip is heavily camouflaged – much more than we’ve seen on other recent prototypes – so there’s nothing new we can suss out there. The freeze-frame does give us a very good look at just how extensive the false panels on some prototypes can be, with thick, rounded edges clearly visible across the nose on this car. The hood also looks to have extra panels under the camo wrap that give the car a rather bulky appearance. Like the doors, we expect the production car to actually be rather flat and edgy.

The C8 Could Look Like This:

Perhaps the best shot of this C8 test vehicle is from the rear, where the production-spec taillights can be seen shining through white masks. This car also wears the familiar “batwing” spoiler we’ve seen on other prototypes, though we suspect that the C8 will launch as a base model without any wing on the back.

We’re drawing ever closer to the big reveal day. GM is holding a special invitation-only celebration in Southern California for the mid-engined Corvette’s introduction, an event that’s been a half-century in the making. Motor1.com will be there with photos, video, and all the details of what could be the most anticipated car in years, possibly even decades.

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