‘Miracle’ cleaning hack can defrost windscreen using common 95p item

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Simple household items can be used to clean dirty cars this winter, with motorists potentially already having the ingredients. Drivers may clean their car less often in the winter given the colder temperatures, but these cleaning hacks could save them time and money.

Defrost windscreen

Temperatures are expected to continue to fall in the coming weeks and months and winter sets in.

As a result, some drivers will need to get up earlier to clear their windscreens of frost, ice and maybe even snow.

The de-frosting process can take a while and add on time to the morning commute, potentially making people late for the school run or work.

According to Car Lease Special Offers, drivers can make use of some simple household items to prevent the build-up.

The night before, drivers are advised to pour a mixture of three parts vinegar to one part water onto the windshield and windows.

When they wake up in the morning, drivers should be greeted with a clear windscreen.

The experts at Car Lease Special Offers have described it as a “miracle 95p car clean hack”.

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As the weather gets colder, National Highways will be up and down the country gritting the roads and footpaths.

This can end up causing the carpet in the car to become dirty and have white salt residue left behind.

Motorists should use a mixture of equal part water to white wine vinegar in a spray bottle onto the affected fabric and dab it with something soft like a tea towel.

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Clean windscreen

In winter, drivers will sometimes experience a build-up of something that is making the windscreen look hazy and like it has a film covering it.

To combat this, drivers can put some white wine vinegar into a spray bottle and dilute it slightly with some water. 

Spray this on the windscreen and wipe it off, and the haze should be removed instantly.


White vinegar is great for removing strong unpleasant smells and can be used in the car as well.

Drivers should place a cup full of white wine vinegar in the parked car.

It works best when the car is parked on a flat surface, and the cup is placed on the footwell so it’s not at risk of falling over.

The white vinegar should then be left in the car for a few hours, potentially overnight.

Drivers can then remove the vinegar and air out the vehicle by opening windows and doors for a few minutes.

The vinegar should have successfully absorbed any bad odours from the car.

This technique can be performed as often as necessary to keep the vehicle smelling fresh.

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