Modenas and Kawasaki team up for assembly JV

Following the increase of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Japan’s stake in Malaysian motorcycle maker Modenas from 19% to 30% last year, news has emerged that Modenas will be assembling Kawasaki motorcycles soon. Although no specifics were given as to the models or capacity of the Kawasaki models likely to be assembled, we were informed by a source inside Modenas that “the business plan is still being finalised.”

Modenas has an assembly plant in Gurun, Kedah which currently assembles a variety of Modenas rebadged models. Modenas currently sells a variety of motorcycle models, including the Dominar D400, the NS200, RS200, NS160 and V15, all rebadged from Bajaj.

Other models in the range include the Kriss 110, Kriss MR2 and CT115S kapchais, as well as the Karisma 125 and Elegan 250 scooters. The Elegan 250 is a rebadged Kymco scooter, sold alongside the Kymco Downtown 250i.

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