Motorist fined for parking on her own drive under little-known law

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The motorist, from Australia, admitted that she almost had a “heart attack” when she received the penalty charge. She thought she had parked her car on her own driveway, as she normally would on September 21.

She said she was left confused and described the parking fine as “very harsh”.

The woman, who lives in Logan in the state of Queensland, explained how her husband brought in the letter which informed them of the fine.

In total, she was fined A$96 (£55.03) for “stopping on across a driveway unless dropping off or picking up passengers”.

The attached photo showed her silver vehicle parked on a sloped driveway time-stamped at 10.30am.

In the photo, there is a clear view of the row of houses, as well as her garden, although there is not a clear footpath.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “I didn’t understand it. 

“We couldn’t figure out why. I see people parked like this all the time,” she told

She posted the notice to a local community Facebook page, and fellow residents informed her where she had gone wrong.

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It was because she was parked too close to the kerb, meaning the car wasn’t entirely on her private property but rather across a strip of land that belongs to council and is intended for pedestrians.

Queensland law states that a driver “must not stop on a road in a position that obstructs access by vehicles or pedestrians to or from a footpath ramp of a similar way of access to a footpath”.

There is an exception if the vehicle has stopped for fewer than two minutes to pick up or drop off passengers.

However, the woman still believes the fine is “very harsh” and council could have issued a warning rather than fining her.

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She said she is considering contesting the fine, adding that other drivers had spoken to her about being fined.

A spokesperson for Logan City Council said it would not comment on specific cases but said it is not safe for pedestrians to be forced to walk on the road.

They added: “Council receives multiple complaints about poor parking practices across the city, including parking across driveways in a way which forces pedestrians onto the road in an unsafe manner.

“Queensland road rules state that a driver must not stop on or across a driveway or other way of access for vehicles travelling to or from adjacent land, unless there are certain circumstances which apply.

“In response to community demand, council undertakes education and enforcement activities to ensure the safety and liveability of the Yarrabilba area.”

Incidents involving driveway parking offences have been seen on social media recently, with many falling victim to having someone park on their driveway.

In September, a driver, who was also from Australia, said she was fined A$283 (£162) for parking “millimetres” over someone else’s driveway.

The driver called it “absolutely ridiculous” and a “complete money grab”.

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