Next Nissan Z to feature 'heritage-inspired' design

The next-generation Nissan Z will wear a look that harks back to familiar look from Z models past, Autoblog was told by a source, who has seen an early version of the forthcoming sports car at dealer meetings. The forthcoming sports car’s silhouette and overall shape will be similar to that of the current 370Z/Fairlady – the unit seen here running laps of the Nurburgring is a mule – but its front and rear ends will be redesigned.

The new car’s front end is said to mimic that of the 240Z with a squared ‘mouth’ and headlights that are almost round in shape, while its tail lamps are to follow the design of those on the 1990s 300ZX. The next Z-car will also follow in the footsteps of the 300ZX in employing a turbocharged engine, though the new car does so likely as much for emissions regulations compliance as for outputs and performance.

This will be the 3.0 litre biturbo V6 that has served in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport, sources told Autoblog. Where this engine was paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission in the Infinitis, the sources also said that the automatic will be offered alongside a manual transmission. Nissan has in fact put the 3.0 litre biturbo V6 into the 370Z with a manual gearbox, albeit only as a one-off for the SEMA show in 2018.

A performance-focused Nismo version of the next Nissan Z will eventually join the line-up of versions for the next-generation car eventually, the sources told Autoblog, and a 500 hp ballpark figure is expected for this top-shelf variant. Inside, the next Nissan Z will get a thoroughly redesigned interior compared to that of the 370Z, where it will receive the manufacturer’s latest in design language and infotainment technologies.

For fans of the Nissan Fairlady/Z two-door, a comprehensive update of the sports car has been a long time in the making; the 3.7 litre naturally aspirated car made its debut in 2009. They’ll have a bit longer to wait, however, as its successor isn’t due for another one and a half to two years, Autoblog says, adding that Nissan “has plans to introduce 12 new products in the next 20 months.”

With the revival of the Toyota Supra nameplate, Nissan will surely want to get a slice of that modernised Japanese performance nostalgia pie – even if it already has the GT-R playing in a rather more elevated level of horsepower and performance. Looking forward to a new Fairlady, folks?

SPYSHOTS: Nissan 370Z development mule

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