‘No doubt!’ The future of motoring will be fully electric as drivers to ditch petrol

GB News guests debate using electric cars

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A motoring expert has claimed that he has “no doubt” the future of motoring is going in “one direction”. And, that direction is electric vehicles meaning drivers could ditch petrol and diesel cars. The Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) registrations are gaining market share, with Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) making up 7.2 percent of new vehicle registrations in 2021.

That figure has now doubled to 14.4 percent in 2022, according to the SMMT.

With that in mind, Olly Jones, the Co-founder at elmo, has exclusively told Express.co.uk that “the future of motoring seems to be heading in one direction”.

Mr Jones said: “This is driven by growing consumer demand, greater choice, and affordability of electric cars.

“There are now about 140 makes and models available with a further 50 coming in 2022, and incentives like lower company car tax rates and avoiding low emission zone charges.

“The arrival of electric cars in the mainstream has been accompanied by the rise in prominence of the subscription providers like elmo as a flexible alternative to leasing or buying a car, with 12 percent of new car registrations predicted to go to subscription providers by 2025.

“This model is well-suited for consumers nervous about switching to an electric car.”

However, the expert did point out that there are still several obstacles that need to be overcome.

One of those is the UK’s charging network.

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Several motorists have previously claimed that they were anxious about switching to EVs due to the lack of public chargers.

A recent survey carried out by elmo showed that car owners still have anxiety around charging.

This remained the number one concern when switching to an electric car.

Mr Jones said: “This was particularly apparent from drivers without access to a driveway where they could install a home charger and so were reliant on the UK’s public charging network.”

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The UK Government has previously pledged to tackle the issue and install more chargers.

In March 2022, ministers announced that they plan to spend £1.6billion on upgrading and growing the public charging infrastructure from 30,000 public chargers to 300,000 by 2030.

Speaking about the issue, Mr Jones said: “This is a promising commitment, but the challenge for the Government will be to support initiatives to deploy the right number of units in the right places to support the transition.”

The expert added: “It’s not all on the Government though.

“Norway has shown that by offering incredible tax and other incentives, including being able to drive in bus lanes for a period, you can make a population switch very quickly.

“Some 83 percent of new car registrations in January 2022 were electric.

“The transition happened far too quickly for public charging to keep up but was nevertheless a smooth transition, made possible by educating drivers about charging.

“From unlearning the ‘flat-to-full’ mentality and instead just topping up for a few minutes when convenient, rather than filling the whole battery; as well as showing people how, when and where to charge conveniently can make a huge difference to people’s electric car experience.”

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