Not A Tiny Hyundai Ioniq 5: This is The Heritage Series – Pony

Hyundai reinterpreted its first car for the “Reflections In Motion” exhibition.

After Hyundai took inspiration from its first car to create the 45 concept and the Ioniq 5, it decided to go the other way around and turned a 1975 Pony into a tiny Ioniq 5. This is the Heritage Series – Pony, a work of art currently in the Reflections In Motion exhibition at the Hyundai Motors Studio in Busan. People will probably ask to buy it pretty soon.

What the Heritage Series – Pony offers is an electric powertrain with an undisclosed power and range. We have asked Hyundai for more information about the technical specifications. However, and considering the car’s purpose, it would not surprise us if it did not drive. The goal was to pay tribute to the design of the original vehicle, conceived by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

According to Hyundai’s brochure about the exhibition, “the cluster of Heritage Series – Pony is a combination of the classic feel and craftsmanship of the glass elements and modernity of LEDs.” What you will find is an instrument panel apparently made of vacuum tubes.

Give it a closer look and what it presents is the charge level in the battery pack in percentage and the speed in km/s, which translates into kilometers per second. Yes, we double-checked it. Translating that into more common measures, 1 km/s would be 3,600 km/h or 2,237 mph. Hyundai created a spaceship and did not warn us about it.

The door design was inspired by the original one but added premium materials and mood lighting to that concept. One intriguing bit of information is that it has a Last Mile Mobility in the trunk. The picture that presents it shows an aluminum or stainless steel case with two red belts closing it. We also asked Hyundai about what is the Last Mile Mobility.

The headlights and taillights present what Hyundai calls the Pixel Roadtrip, a tribute to pixels and 8-bit graphics that you also find in the 45 and the Ioniq 5.

A video shared by the designer Yang Gu-rum on Instagram shows they present changing patterns. We wonder if the Ioniq 5 will have that as well. If it doesn’t, the creator – or inspiration, if you prefer – will have beaten the creature at least in one aspect.

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