Petrol and diesel drivers issued safety warning as fuel prices rise

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Petrol and diesel drivers could “lose control” of their cars as increased fuel costs may lead to motorists adopting “dangerous” techniques, according to experts.

Dash cam experts Nextbase have warned surging prices may encourage road users to engage in “hyper-miling techniques” in a desperate bid to save fuel.

This is an extreme version of fuel-efficient driving and sees motorists focussing on momentum rather than speed.

However, In some extreme cases, motorists engaging in hyper-miling rarely use their brake pedal.

Meanwhile, road users may be seen coasting down roads or driving closely to others in a bid to pick up a slipstream.

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Bryn Brooker, head of road safety at Nextbase feels the surging costs are therefore likely to make roads “less safe”.

He has urged motorists to ditch aggressive fuel saving techniques as they are “too risky” and instead focus on other simple hacks to slash the pennies at the pumps.

He explained: “This surge in petrol and diesel prices will hurt drivers and make roads less safe, as cash-strapped drivers turn to ‘hyper-miling’ techniques that could see them lose control.

“Higher prices can lead to drivers engaging in dangerous ‘hyper-miling’ techniques like coasting or drafting behind another vehicle.

“These moves are risky and simply not worth it. If you do want to save fuel, more sensible moves like removing excess weight from your car and making sure you slow down a long time before a red light are your best bet.”

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New data from Experian shows petrol and diesel prices have risen after a recent lull.

The average cost of petrol has shot up a staggering 4p over the past two weeks with average fees now standing at 149.1p per litre.

Diesel prices are an average of 150.6p per litre meaning costs are now at their highest level since May.

According to the statistics, drivers are now being forced to pay around £82 to fill up a 55-litre family car.

Experts warn costs could even continue to rise with the wholesale price of diesel also on the up.

AA fuel spokesman Luke Bosdet, told This is Money: “By the end of last week, the wholesale price of diesel was 11p a litre higher than in mid-July.

“Whether that continues or turns round before finding its way to the pump will be critical for UK inflation.”

It comes at a difficult time for Britons as the price of motoring continue to soar amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Brooker added: “It’s an increasingly expensive time to be a motorist. Petrol prices have surged back to where they were in February, insurance costs are up, and a huge chunk of motorists in London are about to be slapped with a £12.50 daily driving fee when the ULEZ comes into force at the end of the month.”

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