Porsche Macan Nose Hangs In The Air As SUV Nearly Falls From Building

It could’ve ended so much worse.

A rather peculiar accident occurred this week in Russia at a residential building where a Porsche Macan was on the verge of doing an impromptu parkour move. While this may seem like another case of a pedal mix-up, the driver did not confuse the brake pedal with the accelerator. Professional ice hockey player Denis Kazionov was behind the wheel, with his wife sitting on the front passenger seat while their son was in the back.

So, what exactly happened? Because the parking lot building is partially exposed to the elements, there was snow on the completely smooth concrete floor. According to the driver, he tried to stop the SUV in time on the empty parking space but failed due to loss of traction. The Macan slammed through the building’s wall and ended with its nose hanging up in the air.

We can easily imagine the odd accident could’ve ended much, much worse. Thankfully, that sturdy piece of rebar stopped the vehicle from falling off the fourth floor of the building. Images and videos posted on the Telegram social media platform by the residential building’s official channel show the Porsche partially hanging in the air before being pulled back inside the building.

The Macan in question appears to be a facelifted version in the base trim level judging by the angular shape of the dual exhaust tips. It will need some minor front-end repairs after hitting the wall, but the SUV will live to see another day in Russia. As for the building, it should be easily fixed as well since the damages look minor.

Shortly after the accident, Kazionov told local media they’re all in “incredible shock,” which is understandable considering a less fortunate outcome would’ve been potentially deadly.



Riverpark.life / Telegram, Москва 24 / YouTube

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