Remove frost and ice from a car windscreen right now with this new ingenious idea

Frost can be quickly melted using spray or lukewarm water. However, one lady has created a brand new invention that will clear a windscreen in just seconds. In the clip uploaded to Facebook, the lady is seen clearing her windscreen in the blink of an eye using this common household item.


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The magic tool is an empty stain remover bottle which comes with a brush attachment included.

To make the solution, all you need to do is fill the bottle with warm water and then move the brush across the screen to clear the ice away.

The brush attachment acts as a safe scraper on the car windscreen to gently brush the melted ice off the screen without causing further damage.

It is also portable and can be easily stored in a vehicle’s glove box or boot to quickly grab in the mornings.

Posting the clip on Facebook, Angela Hickling said: “I’m a genius, get ya self one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and ya sorted, no cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans ya window screen too.

“The brush bit is ideal, off to work now, have a great day people.”

The clip has since soared on social media and has amassed over 16,000 shares and almost 3,000 reactions in just 24 hours.

Using the ingenious tool is safer than clearing the windscreen using boiling hot water as experts have warned this can crack the glass.

The sudden temperature change could cause the glass to expand and shatter which will lead to expensive repair bills.

Instead, lukewarm water should be used or applied to a windscreen through a plastic bag to gently melt the ice in a safe manner.

Motorists can also melt the ice off their vehicles by turning their engine on and waiting for the windscreen to heat up.

This will prevent scratches or damage to a windscreen but may take a few minutes for the ice to turn into slush.


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This can then be cleared with car windscreen wipers with just a quick swipe before heading off on a journey.

Experts warn a car windscreen needs to be completely clear of frost and ice for motorists to avoid being forced to pay expensive fines or hit with points on their driving licence.

Police officers can fine motorists up to £60 if they have failed to properly clear frost and ice from the front of their vehicle.

However, fines can be increased if an officer deems the glass to be a safety hazard which may be putting other road users at risk.

This is because frost and ice can block key parts of a windscreen and this could leave a motorist unable to see road hazards or pedestrians.

AA Head of roads policy, Jack Cousens said: “Drivers should avoid becoming tank-commanders and cleat the whole of the windscreen and windows before setting off.

“Thoroughly de-icing the car doesn’t take long at all. Getting up 10 minutes early and scraping the car will prevent drivers from picking up a fine and points.”

Your car insurance policy could even be invalidated if you fail to clear a windscreen and are then involved in an accident.

This is because insurance companies will put you at-fault for the accident and refuse payouts on key car repairs.

Damage to a vehicle which was caused by not removing ice from a car could also destroy your no-claims bonus which could see car insurance prices dramatically rise. 

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