Renders Show Jeep Wrangler Van Of Our Dreams

Jeep van is best van.

If you’re in the market for a more practical Jeep Wrangler we may have the solution. Thanks to renders posted on Instagram by artist samircustoms, we have the opportunity to dream of a new Jeep variant we never knew we wanted until now. Dubbed the Vangler by its designer, this Jeep based van is ready to go where no van has gone before.

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the perfect family-friendly off-roader that offers room for five passengers and large trunk space. Perspective Jeep owners who want more interior room and seating a sadly out of luck unless they would like to try out the more pedestrian 3-row Jeep Grand Cherokee.

That’s where the Vangler comes in. Thanks to the cab-forward design, the Vangler can easily accommodate three rows of seating since the driver and front passenger can sit directly on top of the engine. This means the Vangler can offer far more interior room without enlarging the Jeep Wrangler’s footprint.

Gallery: Renders Show Jeep Wrangler Van Of Our Dreams

Besides the additional passenger room, the Vangler also allows for more space to build out an Overlanding vehicle. Vangler owners would have additional room for sleeping arrangements and other touches of home without compromising the Vangler’s center of gravity with a room mounted tent.

The Vangler’s ability to build a more practical Wrangler without compromising its off-road ability makes this render a perfect candidate for production. There’s also a strong business case for Jeep who could use the powertrains, frame, and most of the exterior components from the Wrangler and focus all engineering efforts on the cab-over design portion.

Would you purchase a Vangler over a normal Wrangler? Or is the current Jeep Wrangler practical enough to negate the need for this additional model?  



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