Retcon: Prior Design to Create 40 RS2 Coupes

Although the RS2 Avant looks like genius now, it was kind of weird when it came out. Why make it a wagon? They already had a coupe body in production whose history stretched back to the fearsome Quattro. 

In its pursuit of a performance car for all occasions—a decision that would come to form Audi Sport’s ethos—Audi created one of the more interesting what-ifs in the automotive world. And it’s one that Prior Design is looking to answer.

Hoping to build and sell 40 of these monsters, Prior Design has taken inspiration from the RS2 Avant, but hasn’t stopped there. The tuning house has borrowed the nostrils from the current generations of RSs, lifted the box flares from the Quattro, and taken inspiration from more than one race car.

Despite taking inspiration from several places, the design is still cohesive. Although we’re not sure we’d take it over an RS2 Avant, it does have us looking.

If you’re looking, too, Prior Designs is taking orders later this month. 

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