Rivian Could Offer Factory Wraps For The R1T And R1S

Would you have your new Rivian vinyl-wrapped from the factory?

Users over on the Rivian Owners Forum spotted a tweet on Rivian’s official account that they say implies the automaker will offer factory vinyl wraps for its vehicles. In said tweet, the company showed off a wrapped R1T and stated that said wrap wasn’t available quite yet.

Now sure, it may be a bit of a stretch to state that Rivian will offer vinyl wraps on its trucks for sure, but it is a strong indication that it will. Don’t expect any custom wraps, though, since Rivian is focusing on maximizing productivity, we’re sure they don’t want to cause themselves any more setbacks (especially with something as unimportant as a vinyl wrap).

Besides, if you want a custom wrap, you can just go to a specialized shop and have them apply it. What Rivian will offer, if it does indeed end up offering some wraps, will most likely be a series of standard wraps that should, in theory, be cheaper than one of the optional paint finishes.

The cost of the paint options varies between $1,500 and $2,500 – just LA Silver and Glacier White are available at no additional cost. For Red Canyon, Midnight, Limestone, Forest Green and El Cap Granite, you have to pay $1,500, and if you want either Rivian Blue or Compass Yellow, you’ll have to part with $2,500. Based on how much the various paint options cost, we expect that the wrap would probably not be more than $1,000, although this is merely guesswork.

Source:Rivian Owners Forum

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