Road sign at an intersection leaves drivers absolutely baffled

Look Out for Cows Falling

Another strange cow road sign can be located at the intersection of SR-178 and Old Kern Canyon Road in California. 

The road sign had to be installed as a real warning to drivers that cows could fall down on them during a rainstorm, as the hills in the area are very steep and can get slippy during bad weather. 

This unique sign was stolen when it was originally installed and has had to be replaced, and according to photographer Alison Sheehey, locals have placed cow stickers on the replacement sign 

Horse-Drawn Carriage Sign

It may seem absurd in the 21st century, but road signs asking drivers to be on the lookout for horse-drawn carriages are actually more common than you think.

These road signs are very common in areas with large Amish populations, as most of their communities do not allow the use of modern technology. The Amish horse carriage is called a Market Wagon, as the back seat is removable so that groceries or supplies can be placed in the back. 

You can often spot these signs in places such as Pennsylvania and the Midwest. 

Beware the Coconuts Sign

You might be wondering why driver needs to be on the lookout for coconuts, but this sign is seriously needed in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

This road sign is to educate tourists, as coconuts falling from trees can pose an unexpected threat during stormy or windy weather. 

If this tropical fruit hits with enough impact it can seriously damage a car, crack a windshield or even injured someone.

Look Out for Aliens Abductions Sign

This road sign of a cow being abducted by a UFO has been taken from Route 375, also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada, near the town of Racheal. 

The sign can be viewed as a fun tourist sign or a serious warning depending on your beliefs, as the top-secret government base Area 51 is located near this area, and many people have reported strange UFO sightings along this road. 

Many alien-themed delights can be found on this highway, such as the Alien Research Center which is really a gift shop, and can be seen due to the massive metal alien outside. 

The famous Black Mailbox can also be spotted along this road, which has become the meeting place for both UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists in share information about recent UFO sightings, and has become a popular tourist attraction for people wishing to spot an alien spacecraft. 

Beware of Panthers

While it might not seem like a common animal in the US, this roadsign can be spotted near Fort Myers in Flordia 

The Florida panther is the state’s official animal but is listed as endangered and it is thought only around 200 wild panthers exist in southwest Florida. 

While they are uncommon, drivers are warned to be on the lookout for these predators as they are known to be territorial, but also be careful for the animal itself, as highways pose a threat to these critically endangered creatures. 

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