School Bus Converted To Mini House Is Van Life On The Cheap

Cheap doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable.

It’s no surprise that van life has been a hot topic for quite some time – even before the pandemic. However, it’s clear that coronavirus has changed life as we know it, leading to an even bigger boom in the go-anywhere industry. As such, the latest Tiny Home Tours video showcases a brilliantly converted mini bus.

While many builds of this type are a labor of love and take ages to finish, the owner of this van – a man named Brian – only needed two weeks. Before we get into the details of his mini skoolie, this video is a great example that building these mobile living machines doesn’t always have to be expensive. Compared to some of the more extravagant builds we’ve covered, the total budget for this project was roughly $13,000.

One of the clear party pieces – among many – of this go-anywhere machine is the kitchen area. Along with the Mexican tile backsplash, the area is well-appointed, with a gas stove, running water, and ample storage space for all of the ingredients you could ever want – as the vehicle started out in life as a school bus, the original windows fit perfectly with the design.

Following the similar theme of repurposing, Brian uses the emergency exit hatch of the bus as a moonroof. He wanted to keep the feature, as his first adventure vehicle was a Honda Element which had the same fresh air capabilities. Regardless, all of the room in the vehicle allows for one human guest along with a feline companion named Phoenix. 

Semantics aside, it’s certainly inspiring to see the positive attitude of everyone involved in the realm of van life. The extravagance of your van doesn’t matter so much as the experience and joy it gives you.


Tiny Home Tours via YouTube

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