Second-generation Volkswagen Amarok gets teased

Volkswagen recently held is annual media conference, where it revealed a design sketch of the second-generation Amarok that is set to go on sale in 2022. The new pick-up truck is the result of the collaboration between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Ford, an alliance which was formed back in 2019.

As such, the Amarok will have lots in common with the next-generation Ranger, although we have yet to see the Blue Oval’s pick-up truck in any official photos. It is also unknown when and where production of both trucks will take place, given their shared underpinnings.

Looking at the design sketch, the new Amarok will sport a more powerful design than its predecessor, although one should taper their expectations given how sketches have a tendency to exaggerate the details.

Highlights include a large front grille that merge with the headlamps, a bulging bonnet, prominent wheel arches, chunky off-road tyres and a rather beefy-looking suspension setup. While it makes for a very exciting thing to look at, expect the production version to be a lot tamer when it is revealed.

Aside from the Amarok-Ranger tie-up, the alliance between the two automakers could also see a new Ford Transit Connect be introduced based on the 2020 Caddy, while Ford will larger commercial vans for Volkswagen.

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