Skoda Scala Spider concept previewed – June debut

Since 2014, Skoda has given students at its vocational school in Mladá Boleslav the chance to plan, design and build a concept vehicle to showcase their creativity and talent. This year is no exception, and we now have our first look at the seventh student car that will be presented in June.

The preview sketches show an open-top Spider version of the new Scala compact hatchback, which looks more like a speedster rather than being a proper convertible. This is evident by the two humps on the new rear deck, matched with a sleeker bodywork with two less doors and sharper taillights.

Other notable cues include two-tone alloy wheels borrowed from the latest Octavia RS, along with a centrally-mounted, hexagonal-shaped exhaust tip. A separate sketch shows a cabin that will be largely carried over from the regular Scala, with red accents to match the sporty new look.

It’s worth pointing out that this design has been in the works by 20 apprentices for several months, with the students receiving support from the carmaker’s actual design department, from Oliver Stefani, head of Skoda Design.

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