Steel Balls Bust Cybertruck Glass, But Can An Axe Break BMW Glass?

Forget those steel balls. We’re swinging axes at glass now.

Remember the Tesla Cybertruck’s glass breaking twice from steel balls gently tossed at the windows? Well, now we’re swinging an ax at the glass of a BMW. Does it break? You’d be surprised by how resilient glass can be and it sure does take a lot of effort to break these windows.

The whole Cybertruck glass breaking event caused more than just a bit of a stir. However, Tesla took it in stride and even just recently released a T-shirt that basically pokes fun at the truck’s broken glass.

What the Cybertrucks’ broken glass did spur though was a newfound focus on the strength of automotive glass. It raised questions as to whether or not other glass would break under similar stress and impact and even more to our amusement, videos surfaced showing various efforts to break car glass.

This latest one is about as extreme as it gets. We say that because the tool of choice for the glass breaking is an axe. Forget a steel ball or a small hammer and even a sledgehammer as we’ve seen in other tests. We’re going straight for the axe here and it’s a big, full-size one too.

We’re not going to spoil the results. You’ll have to watch the video to see if the glass (and body panels too) can stand up to the axe. However, we will say that glass sure does seem strong.


Video description via TestMan 110 on YouTube:

In this video I try to break regular car glass (BMW e28) using a heavy axe

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