Tesla confirms 2021 range improvements for road cars including popular Model 3

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Tesla revealed every Model S, Model X and Model 3 trim has received range improvements which will be a popular update among owners and prospective buyers. The electric car firm also revealed they have introduced a “number of updates” across their vehicle range with particular focus on the Model 3.

Exterior updates include cosmetic updates to the cars side repeaters and door handles while the bridgework surrounding the windows is now satin black instead of chrome.

The Model 3 Performance is now available with new 20 inch wheels while the car will also feature a new Powerlift Trunk available at a touch of a button.

The Model 3 will also benefit from a range of interior updates to change the driving experience.

A heat pump will be fitted to improve the car’s efficiency during periods of cold weather. 

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The new interior included a matt black finish in replacement of the old gloss design.

The centre console has been completely redesigned and will include fixed inductive charging mats for two smartphones.

Two additional high powered USB ports have been added to charge devices on the go.

However, Tesla’s new updates do not stop there with the electric car firm also announcing a range of new features across their product range.

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Tesla is famous for changing their acts through over-the-air software updates and have made some massive tweaks since October 2020.

One of the major changes is with scheduled departure improvements meaning drivers can precondition their battery even when it is not charging.

This means drivers can select from different utility rate plans and pre-set the time to charge their cars based on cheaper charging hours.

The driving visualisation has been completely refreshed on the Tesla Model 3 to allow motorists extra information about the roads around them.

Sentry mode footage has also been improved with Tesla owners now able to save footage from the last panic event on the onboard memory.

This will allow drivers to instantly look back at footage during a crash or close shave in the blink of an eye.

Tesla has confirmed Launch Mode improvements have also been made on their Model S and Model X machines.

These have been redefined to increase a car’s high-speed power and improve overall acceleration.

Valuables can now be better protected with a new Glovebox PIN option installed on all cars.

Drivers can simply tap the new feature on their touch screen and set a simple four-digit ID to open their glovebox.

This means drivers can safely leave valuables in their vehicles without the threat of car crime.

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