‘The Great British parking scam!’ Drivers react to raft of fines issued by companies

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After express.co.uk reported on how a driver was left “baffled” after being slapped with a £100 parking fine, simply for eating his McDonald’s meal in a neighbouring Starbucks car park, many other car owners have come out in support of the man.

Private parking fines are due to be capped at £50 if Government legislation goes through this year.

But at the moment drivers are regularly being hit with extortionate amounts for seemingly innocent actions.

Later in 2022, car park operators will have to display prices more clearly, introduce a fairer system of appeals and give drivers a grace period for lateness.

The crackdown comes after thousands of drivers criticised private car parking operators for making it difficult to appeal fines and tickets regardless of the circumstances.

Drivers around the UK flocked to comment on the £100 fine handed to the man who had opted to eat his takeaway in an adjacent car park as there was no space at the McDonalds.

One reader, ‘LoveJaguars’ wrote: “I am getting on a bit now but when I was young I wasn’t afraid to drive to any place including London because I knew that I could easily park.

“Nowadays I’m almost terrified to go anywhere that I am not familiar with for fear of breaking some obscure parking regulation – what a country we have become!”

Another, ‘Jonny England’ added: “The Great British parking scam, this time Starbucks, who in line with the victim in this story, are now off my coffee shop list.”

‘Sussexmike’ had some personal advice for anyone else hit with a parking fine in similar situations.

He wrote: “It’s a private company. Send them £1 as a token of good faith. If they want more they will have to sue you. If they lose it will cost them a fortune.”

‘Icecold’ added: “Just reading below, he also needs to sue the DVLA for giving his details to a business and not just the police.

“This is a breach of data law. Sue the buts off them for invasion of privacy and the DVLA for data breach.”

‘Pikestaff’ wrote of their own experience, saying: “My Local M&S has reduced the parking time from 3 to 2 hours and have installed an ANPR camera.

“Having been made aware of this by the attendant who used to enter the reg no manually, he informed me that if you went over 2 hours you would now automatically receive a £100 charge notice through the post.

“We had had a spot of lunch and my wife was still in there having been there 1 &1/2 hours I went off to find her and we left with 10 min to left to go.

“It’s a trap by any other name.”

‘Jimdeas’ wrote: “They have succeeded in pushing the motorist out of the town centres now they are trying to do the same at the out of town retail parks, no wonder more people are shopping online.”

But there was some sympathy for the car park owners, with ‘Cjjs’ writing: “Their property their carpark and they make clear it’s only for their customers…

“Next time go in and buy the cheapest thing they have…

“Should get you 45-90mins of parking.”

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