The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 Is as Stylish as They Come

The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 has the sort of curb appeal that real-estate agents kill for and homebuyers seek with the tenacity of a dog seeking a sirloin. But beyond the gorgeous exterior, it has plenty of style and cachet inside, too. And that’s on top of being fun to drive. In Sport Plus mode, the Q60 produces a booming exhaust note that sounds fantastic; mash the gas pedal, and the noises from its twin-turbo V-6 crawl under your skin.

How I know: I spent a weekend driving the Q60 Red Sport around Los Angeles’s bay cities and it was one hell of a ride. The car was draped in Iridium Blue paint over Monaco Red upholstery, which was already sultry enough, but it had some additional features to enhance the appearance inside and out. The example I drove rang in at costs $64,130; the Red Sport starts at $55,995, while the less powerful basic Q60 will set you back $41,845. Worth the money? That’s up to you, but this is the most exciting Infiniti model in the market right now.

Without further ado, here are some of the aesthetic goodies that make the Q60 Red Sport such a stunner:

Monaco Red Leather Interior

Inside, the lively Monaco Red leather upholstery is inviting, and I found the color helped brighten my day during a gloomy, rainy afternoon. The upholstery is baby-skin soft, to boot, a nice change from so many leather interiors that feel and look like the fake stuff.

Carbon-Fiber Package

For a more assertive and even sportier look, a cool $2,280 adds carbon-fiber accents throughout the exterior, including the side-mirror caps, fender vents, and fog-lamp surrounds, plus a spoiler.

Solar Mica Exterior Color

If Iridium Blue isn’t your thing—but it should be—there are six other available exterior colors from which to choose. Solar Mica is one that isn’t seen very often, and the tasteful golden hue definitely makes a visual impact. This hue costs $500—a decent deal and one that helps the Q60 stand out from the sea of silver, white, and black cars blanketing the nation’s roads.

Red-Painted Calipers

As common as they are, red calipers are still an aggressive touch that looks bad-ass on any sports car, and they give the wheels that extra pop. Bonus points for how they contrast the blue paint.

20-Inch Charcoal Metallic Wheels

The optional five-spoke performance wheels in charcoal metallic are a classy, understated way to increase the Q60’s sharpness—they’re also way cooler than the standard rollers. (And we say this even as darker wheels are starting to feel played out.) They cost $1,790 and are only available for the Red Sport 400 AWD model.

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