The Return Road: Make Hot Rodding Great Again

What happened to the days where people built cars with their brains instead of their wallets? I’m all for spending money if you have it, but spend your hard-earned cash in an intelligent manner. So many people think money is the solution to crafting a great hot rod when, in reality, it’s making your dollar go further by finding clever solutions and doing a bit of legwork to scrounge up the deals.

People used to go as fast as they could with what they had available to them, and it’s that ingenuity that led to some of the greatest advancements the automobile has ever seen. The early legends of hot rodding did things that rebelled against social norms, and sometimes common sense itself, but they were the pioneers who helped forge the entire industry that HOT ROD strives to represent. I’m a firm believer that we need to bring back the shoestring budgets and homebuilt hot rods, because not only will it pay homage to the builders of days gone by, but that scrappy spirit will bring back true hot rodding for the masses. Let’s make hot rodding great again.

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