This Absurd Ferrari 360 Rally Car Isn't Actually a Ferrari at All

When we saw a video of a Ferrari 360 Modena rally car floating around Facebook, it immediately caught our attention. The concept of someone taking an expensive Italian exotic and turning it into a full-bore rally car was too intriguing to pass up. But the real story is even weirder.

According to Facebook posts and YouTube videos about the car, it’s not really a Ferrari at all. Instead, it’s a custom-built, tube-frame chassis made by Ya-Car, a Spanish rally and autocross team. According to a YouTube video description, it’s powered by two Suzuki “engines derived from motorcycles” that were dropped into the tube-frame chassis. They draped it in Ferrari 360 Modena bodywork, presumably pulled from a car with a wrecked powertrain.

The result is a rally car that sends a combined 400 horsepower to all four wheels and looks utterly ridiculous doing so. The long-travel suspension is clearly built for this kind of thing, making the Frankensteinien Ferrari much more capable than the two-inch lifts some people give their “Safari builds.”

We’d still love to see a 360 with a Ferrari powertrain built for high-speed, dirt rally duty, but until then, this thing looks like a pretty great alternative.

Via Rallye Magazine on Facebook.

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