This Teal Volkswagen Golf Country Syncro Is the Ideal Radwood Ride

If you had to name the biggest trends dominating car enthusiast culture right now, Radwood-ready rides and Safari builds would be high on the list. And now, with this Volkswagen Golf Country Syncro, you can conquer both crazes.

With a bright teal paint job and a retro-font “Country” graphic adorning the side, this Golf is about as rad as it gets. Plus, the multicolored stripes on the fabric interior and the aftermarket basket-weave wheels certainly drive home the point. The Golf has such a pure early Nineties aesthetic that it could make a Supra weep with jealousy.

As for the Safari side, Volkswagen was doing factory Safari builds long before many Radwood attendees were born. The 29-year-old Gold Country Syncro example demonstrates that clearly, with a factory lift, standard brush guard, original fog lights, and rear-mounted spare tire. This particular example, though, has an aftermarket roof basket with even more lights.

It’s also got the 2.0-liter engine out of an Audi 80 mated to a five-speed manual transmission. If you’re more of a purist, the seller notes that the original engine and transmission are included with the purchase. An extra drivetrain may come in handy because, though the repainted body may not show it, this Golf has seen a lot of country. Currently, it’s showing just over 200,000 kilometers, or 124,000 miles.

Via Autoblog.

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