VIDEO: 2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS reviewed in Portugal

Sitting at the very top of the Porsche Cayman range is the new GT4 RS, the most hardcore version of the mid-engined sports car ever made. This one has been a long time coming – a stripped-out, no-nonsense Cayman powered by the 911 GT3‘s 4.0 litre flat-six engine.

The naturally-aspirated mill is a mechanical wonder, constantly tempting your right foot to take it to the 9,000 rpm redline. Compared to the GT4, the RS makes 80 PS and 30 Nm more, for a grand total of 500 PS and 450 Nm. The numbers are slightly down from the 911 GT3, but that’s only because of the longer midship exhaust routing.

A seven-speed PDK is your only weapon of choice (no manual option here), and the gear ratios are by far the shortest in any Rennsport model. Power is virtually available at any moment’s notice, and together with uprated suspension and slightly wider tracks, the RS is a whopping 23.6 seconds quicker than the GT4 around the 20.6-km long Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The time was 7 minutes 04.511 seconds.

In short, the Cayman GT4 RS is Porsche GT in peak form. It’s Porsche’s way of telling the world that it is bowing out of the internal combustion arena in the grandest of all fashion. Even though it took the Cayman nearly three full life cycles to get to this point, we reckon that it is completely worth the wait.

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