Volkswagen ID.4 Deliveries Start In Germany

The company has more than 23,500 orders across Europe.

Volkswagen has started customer deliveries of the all-new ID.4 model in Germany, where the first units were handed over simultaneously in the delivery centers at the Transparent Factory in Dresden and the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

Let’s recall that deliveries are now underway also in the U.S. All of the ID.4 for Europe and North America are produced in Zwickau, Germany.

According to Volkswagen, as of the end of February, the number of ID.4 orders in Europe stand at 23,500. The company explains that it could be higher, but “many car dealers were closed.”.

The plan for 2021 is to sell around 150,000 ID.4 (in China they are offered through joint ventures with FAW and SAIC), which would be about one-third of the total plug-in sales target of 450,000 cars (compared to over 212,000 in 2020, including about 134,000 BEVs).

Volkswagen Board Member for Sales Klaus Zellmer said:

“The ID.4 launch has been very successful and the car has been well received by customers. We’ve still got great plans – we aim to deliver around 150,000 vehicles worldwide this year alone. That is about one third of our planned output of 450,000 electric vehicles in 2021. The world car is therefore a key pillar of our accelerated electric offensive.”

To support the EV rollout, Volkswagen is conducting a Europe-wide dealer training roadshow. In Germany alone, more than 10,000 dealership employees to be trained to be able to advise customers about electric cars.

The Head of Volkswagen in Germany, Holger B. Santel, said:

“The ID.4 is now being rolled out to our fully prepared dealers. The employees have been trained well. In addition, dealers are operating an individual appointment system with a safe hygiene concept. Customers finally get to touch the ID.4, sit inside it, test drive it and order it.”

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