Volkswagen TDI – cleaner diesel with twin-dosing tech

Diesel powerplants, and those from Volkswagen in particular have weathered a hard time in recent years to say the least, but that hasn’t stopped the German manufacturer from continually developing diesel engines for improved emissions and efficiency. Here, Volkswagen has released a short video detailing the EA288 evo powerplant and its developments towards said goals.

In the current, eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf, the EA288 evo engine produces 150 PS in its higher state of tune, and this is joined by a 115 PS version. The marque’s efforts towards reducing emissions and complying with Euro 6d-TEMP regulations include what Volkswagen dubs ‘twin-dosing’, essentially a double application of two catalytic converters in the exhaust pathway to minimise nitrogen oxide emissions.

The first step in the exhaust gas cleansing process is the oxidation catalytic converter, which eliminates elements such as unburnt fuel and carbon monoxide. Next in the chain is the diesel particulate filter (DPF), which traps the soot particles. Here, the DPF also doubles as the first SCR catalytic converter where AdBlue is injected to further reduce nitrogen oxides. This, and the first catalytic converter are situated close to the engine to quickly reach operating temperature and when ambient temperatures are low.

Further along the exhaust is a second SCR catalytic converter, where AdBlue is administered again. Located at the car’s underbody, the operating temperature is just right when the car is warm or when it is operating at higher loads such as during fast driving on the highway, says Volkswagen. With most temperature ranges covered, this ensures ‘almost complete elimination’ of nitrogen oxides in any driving situation, it added.

Measurements conducted by independent institutes show that the EA288 evo engines operates well within the NOx limit values as stipulated by the Euro 6d standards, says Volkswagen. To see the visual representation of how the diesel engine handles its emissions, watch the video, here.

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