Voltia's Enlarged Nissan e-NV200 To Be Produced In UK By Bevan

Bevan Group intends to be the UK’s number one provider of conversion and bodybuilding services for EVs.

Bevan Group announced a partnership agreement with conversion specialist Voltia, under which it has been awarded a license to assemble and market the Nissan e-NV200-based vehicle in Great Britain and Ireland.

Slovakia-based Voltia already delivered “hundreds” of Nissan e-NV200 with an enlarged body (up to 8 m3) and thanks to this new deal, will be able to expand in the UK/Ireland, where “high costs associated with importing finished vans [from Slovakia] have restricted domestic take-up”.

Voltia’s version of the e-NV200 was developed in close co-operation with Nissan so the chassis manufacturer’s standard warranty remains unchanged (Bevan will back the bodywork with its own five-year coverage). The 40 kWh battery is enough to have a range of up to 200 km (124 miles).

Bevan Group set a production target of 10 vehicles per week, which should translate into a few hundred per year.

“The new arrangement means that not only can vehicles now be offered at a significantly more competitive price point than has previously been possible, but Voltia will also benefit from Bevan Group’s marketing expertise and extensive knowledge of the market in Britain and Ireland.

A fleet of demonstration vehicles is now available for trial by potential customers, while in January Bevan Group technicians underwent training at Voltia’s headquarters in the Slovakian capital Bratislava.

Production is due to commence at one of its factories in the Black Country town of Wednesbury before the end of January, and the company is aiming from launch to complete 10 vehicles each week.

Bevan Group will be converting Nissan chassis using imported panels and components supplied by Voltia. Ultimately however, it plans to recruit an EV-dedicated workforce – creating up to 20 new jobs – and cut costs further by manufacturing all of the required parts ‘in-house’.”

Bevan Group Managing Director Anthony Bevan said:

“This is a hugely exciting opportunity for our business. The Nissan e-NV200 with Voltia conversion is an outstanding product which combines the environmental compatibility of a fully electric, zero-emission drivetrain, with the market-leading productivity of an 8m3 carrying capacity.

“The fact that the driver can stand up in the back of the van also offers obvious benefits in terms of health and safety, while at nearly 125 miles its range comfortably exceeds the requirements of most, if not all, ‘last mile’ delivery specialists.

“These attributes also make the van a very attractive proposition for tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters who work in urban areas, so we’ll also be offering a range of racking options to suit their needs.”

“Important though it is, the launch of our new partnership with Voltia represents just the first phase of a major strategy under which we intend to establish Bevan Group as the UK’s number one provider of conversion and bodybuilding services for electric vehicles. We’ll have more news very soon, so watch this space!”

Voltia specs (see details here):

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