Watch: A New Beetle Becoming a Pickup in Just 60 Seconds

Builds are great. They’re most of what this site runs on. But they’re also exhausting, frustrating, and hard. So when someone condenses that process into a montage that takes less time than some Super Bowl commercials’ runtime, it’s a beautiful fantasy that we can all enjoy.

This video is of one of the sillier builds: turning a Beetle into a pickup truck. You are doubtless aware of the Smyth Performance kit and all of the unusual vehicles that can be turned into Utes with nothing more than a Beetle and some time—and a sawzall, a suite of tools, years of expertise, the patience of Job, the wisdom of Gob, $3,000 for the kit, and a spare garage for when the project inevitably goes on for longer than you had expected.

Best of all the result at the end of this video is actually kind of cool. It’s one of my great regrets that I never bothered to get full moon hubcaps for my Beetle when I had it.

If you want to shatter the illusion, or just feel like spending 20 minutes watching this build instead of one, you can watch this longer video from the same channel.

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