Watch Woman Drive Out Of Car Wash Directly Into River

No one sustained serious injuries.

A woman in Hackensack, New Jersey, got her SUV a little wetter than she expected on July 16 when she drove her Mercedes-Benz ML-Class out of a car wash and straight into the Hackensack River. The car wash’s security camera captured the crash, and a bystander posted videos of the vehicle’s recovery (see below).

The driver told police that she accidentally pressed the accelerator when she meant to hit the brake. There were several people nearby, and the video showed them running to the scene. They helped the woman and her passenger out of the Mercedes. Images of the incident indicate that the SUV wasn’t fully submerged in water, and only the front end was underneath. Following a checkup from a mechanic, the SUV might not even need any major repairs from the trip into the river.

“There are no physical barricades in place to prevent vehicles from driving into the area that leads to where the car drove into the water,” Hackensack City Police Capt. Nicole Foley said in a statement, according to

The 64-year-old driver went to the hospital with minor injuries, although Capt. Nicole Foley told that it was only “for precautionary reasons.” The 27-year-old passenger didn’t require medical care. 

Given that no one was seriously injured, and there possibly wasn’t even serious damage to the Mercedes, this crash went as well as possible. The incident is a good lesson that it can be easy to step on the wrong pedal. If this happens to you, the key is not to panic.

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