What Do We Have Here? Tesla Testing New Cars Or Something Else?

Some people were quick to spot these camo cars out testing with a Tesla Model S.

As is typical, Tesla owners in California regularly catch interesting events like this and then record and share them on social media. In this case, we see a Tesla Model S following at least two cars that are heavily camouflaged. In fact, it appears they’re wearing car covers.

Initially, Twitter handle The Tesla Show speculated that Tesla may be out testing a new Model S in the area around Palo Alto, California. They even went so far as to assume that this was a “convoy of Model S with MFG plates and then a super heavily disguised Model S like vehicle.”

However, upon further inspection, some people chimed in that this was probably not the case. According to some responses, the leading cars seem to have tailpipes, and Michigan manufacturer plates are present here as well.

Others “in the know” then agreed with Erik’s observations:

In the end, The Tesla Show all but confirmed this may have been the Mercedes EQS, but only because another Twitter user offered a comparable image:

However, we wonder, does the story end here? We’ll continue to follow tweets and further developments to keep you apprised. In the meantime, we’d love to know your take. Leave us your comments below. Then, stay tuned for more details as we work to get inside this potential upcoming EV.

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