Why Is The Jaguar I-Pace The European & World Car Of The Year?

Just because it’s not selling well in the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s a lousy car.

Swiss Garage takes us on an in-depth tour and test drive of the Jaguar I-Pace. In addition, they talk about Jaguar’s deal with Juice Technology and meet with a representative from the charging company.

New YouTube channel Swiss Garage reached out to InsideEVs a few weeks ago. As you know, there is a multitude of YouTubers out there — some very good and some horrendous — so it’s becoming more difficult to find success in the space.

When we learn about a channel that will be testing and reporting on EVs, we love to promote and share. However, we also appreciate your feedback. Swiss Garage has asked us how it can make its videos appealing to you. Moreover, what would you like the channel to cover? Being that they’re brand-new, they’re willing to listen to our opinions and cater to us.

Check out the video and provide your suggestions and opinions in the comment section below. We’ll make sure to share them with Swiss Garage. Also, check out their YouTube channel and Instagram page by following the links below.

Video Description via Swiss Garage on YouTube:

Jaguar I-Pace – WHY IS THIS CAR OF THE YEAR 2019? Test Drive, Review and Juicy Booster

Thanks to Jaguar Emil Frey in Munchenstein we had opportunity to Review of this all-electric SUV.

We will present you Juice Technology – newest solution for charging I-Pace https://www.juice-technology.com, Show you car in-depth and also share our opinion and real energy consumption from city and trip around Switzerland.

I will perform test drives of cars currently available on Swiss market to show and present you what kind of good deals you can expect from different showrooms at the beginning around of City Basel.

If you would like me to test some specific car please leave a comment and i will make sure that this test would be soon available.

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