Baker Mayfield Gets RV Upgrade For Sophomore Season With Browns

Can you guess his new sponsorship?

Cleveland Browns returning quarterback Baker Mayfield upgrade his wheels for his sophomore outing with the team during training camp. WKYC Channel 3 got the opportunity to see inside the new motorhome, showcasing the lavish ride’s cozy interior and loud exterior. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Mayfield’s training camp hideaway. Last year, you could rent it – and Mayfield even autographed it for a bit more notoriety. 

This year, Mayfield has a ride that’s covered in BodyArmor promotions, which is now one of his sponsors. It’s a sports drink, and the logo is everywhere inside and out just like Mayfield will be when he’s at BodyArmor events. The windshield even sports Mayfield’s likeliness along with his signature catchphrase, “Woke up feeling dangerous.” The exterior is loud, but this is football. 

Inside, the BodyArmor branding is more subdued, but you can bet the fridge is stocked with the beverage. Beside the splashes of Cleveland Browns orange, the interior is quite warm and welcoming. The front has a full kitchen and a dinette area with a game of marbles ready to go – he enjoys playing the game, according to the TV station. There are two single bunk beds to the right as you move toward the back with a large bed at the rear that’s facing a widescreen TV. What we don’t see are the facilities, but we are confident they are just as lovely as the rest of the RV. 

The video only offers a brief look at the RV. It appears he’s renting again for training camp, so this could likely head back for future rentals without all the splashing advertising of course. It’s always fascinating to get a peek inside how celebrities and athletes live their lives, even if it’s a rented motorhome. They may have buckets of money, but they still have to flip their own pillows to the cold side in the middle of the night. 

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