1966: Tom McCahill prefers the Jeep Wagoneer to 130 mph Fancy Dan

Written back when ‘Jeep” was still a nickname, in quotes, and the Wagoneer was a Kaiser.

The SJ Jeep Wagoneer stayed in production for an eternity in automotive years: 1962 through 1991, built by Willys, Kaiser Jeep, American Motors and Chrysler during that period. The idea of a big boxy truck as everyday, non-rural transportation seemed novel in 1966, so Kaiser Jeep Corporation hired noted automotive journalist Tom McCahill to pitch the Wagoneer as the vehicle he’d choose to drive out of the $50,000 (about $400,000 in 2019 dollars) in loaned automotive inventory sitting in his yard.

If McCahill’s calculations are worth a hoot, it will experience a lot less trouble than those fancy Dans.

Not many new cars could crack 130 mph in 1966, but those Fancy Dans would eat you out of house and home! Better to get a Wagoneer, which nearly everyone agrees is the most versatile car ever produced.

1966 Kaiser Jeep Wagoneer magazine advertisement

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