Darc Mono Dakar-Inspired Carbon Fiber RV Is Afraid Of Nothing

You can never go wrong with a lightweight motorhome with off-road chops.

Motorhomes are dime-a-dozen these days, but that doesn’t stop German startup Darc from entering the market and releasing its own entry. Dubbed the Darc Mono, what can this sinister-looking motorhome offer amid the sea of RV offerings out there?

Well, first off, the Darc Mono drew inspiration from both Dakar and Formula 1 in building its adventure machine. How so? Read along but take time to gander at the gallery below to appreciate its brutish beauty outside and finesse inside – at least in official images.

Gallery: Darc Mono Carbon Fiber RV

Built on a 2021 Iveco Daily 4×4 full-size van chassis, the Darc Mono touts its Dakar off-roading inspiration with custom adaptive suspension developed with KW Automotive, partnered with a set of milled aluminum wheels with 37-in all-terrain tires. Virtually pegged to go anywhere, the Mono also comes with a custom-built tubular-steel bull bar, an 11-ton (10-tonne) winch, and a carbon fiber intake snorkel.

The Formula 1 bits, on the other hand, are found on the 161-inch (420-centimeter)-long carbon fiber monocoque. Using Formula 1 technology, according to the release, the monocoque “unprecedented” structural strength, 35 percent weight reduction, and advanced temperature and noise insulation.

While the exterior looks gnarly and aggressive, the living area inside the carbon fiber monocoque strikes a contrast with an airy atmosphere, designed by architects and adventurers alike. Headroom measures 6 feet 7 inches (205 cm) plus a 270-degree panoramic view ensures occupants have a good view of the great outdoors. The dining doubles as the sleeping area, with a queen-size bed that can be lowered when in use.

There are plenty of things to see on the Darc Mono’s spec sheet, which you can find on its website on the source link below. Pricing, however, isn’t one of them but Darc will start taking orders in March with deliveries targeted to happen in August.



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