Flowcamper Casper Packs Big RV Living Into Tiny Volkswagen Space

It’s got everything, including the kitchen sink.

With winter weather waning in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to turn our attention to outdoor adventuring. German-based Flowcamper offers an interesting solution for those who prefer small motorhomes with modest off-road capability. It’s called the Casper, and it certainly stands out in a crowd. We mean that both figuratively and literally, which we’ll talk more about in a bit.

The conversion starts with the venerable Volkswagen T6.1 that can be had with all-wheel drive and your choice of engines. From there, an abundance of Nordic spruce is added to create a full kitchen with storage, a 30-liter refrigerator, a sink, pressurized water, and provisions for a stove. The water system in the kitchen can also be used for an outdoor shower. Two rear seats with seatbelts are retained for four-passenger capability while traveling, and they fold to accommodate a large twin bed. The bed can be set up even without the seats in place, and the design allows for a small mini garage at the back for storage.

Gallery: Flowcamper Casper VW T6.1 Camper

To expand the Casper’s interior space, a pop-top roof is optional for extra sleeping quarters. A tent addition with rooftop sleeping is also on the options list, as are various choices for electricity that range from batteries to solar power. The clever use-of-space certainly helps this T6.1 distinguish itself among similar-sized campers, but it literally stands out with eye-popping colors and exterior graphics that Flowcamper offers.

Of course, Volkswagen doesn’t sell the T6 in the States so this is a Euro-only rig. It can also be a bit pricey, with Uncrate reporting a figure of around $64,000. That cost will certainly vary by a significant margin depending on which options are selected, and individual customization is part of every Casper.

As such, Flowcamper doesn’t stock any inventory; conversions begin once a customer places an order and apparently, business is good. According to the company’s website, lead time from order to delivery can take as long as 16 months.


Flowcamper via Uncrate

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