New 911 GT3 Touring caught testing

New Touring version dispenses with fixed rear wing; looks none the worse for it

By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, January 19, 2021 / Loading comments

For those who think the fixed rear wing of the next GT3 looks a bit too much, rest assured that Porsche is set to continue its practice of producing a Touring version with the 992 generation. New spy footage of the upcoming 911 GT3 at you know where shows how the slightly toned-down model will look without that prominent rear wing – and it goes some way to confirming that it will remain ruddy fast despite the shortening of wing. Kudos to whoever’s doing the pedalling in this footage.

The lack of camouflage on the car also adds to the expectation that the GT3 will arrive very soon. In a normal year the Geneva motor show would be the most likely setting, so we’re expecting a virtual reveal in March if all goes to plan – although that might be for the wing’d machine, with the Touring potentially getting its own launch later on. Both variants will, of course, use the same technical setup, which will include Stuttgart’s fabulous naturally aspirated 4.0-litre with – we think – north of 500hp and around 9,000 revs to play with.

The lovely noises coming from the exhausts of the car in the video do seem to match that of the aforementioned Porsche flat-six, with the quick shifts of this car suggesting it’s running with the PDK. Porsche is expected to retain a manual option because in some markets there remains a genuinely strong business case for it. Most US GT3 buyers have historically opted for three pedals, but while it might surprise you, the UK market split has actually seen more GT3s fitted with an auto, like most other countries in Europe.

Given the obvious focus on aerodynamic performance in the development of the regular 992 GT3 – spy pics show it’ll be pushing and directing the air about its body more aggressively than ever before – it’ll be interesting to see how the Touring fairs in comparison. Without a swan neck rear wing (which gets even bigger on the 992 GT3 RS), is Porsche going to have to dial back the downforce produced further forward in the design to ensure balance? At a guess, we’d think the lower set Touring wing will be tuned to generate similar levels of aerodynamic grip, but perhaps the losses will come in its efficiency and drag.

Either way, it seems that Porsche is set to keep up the momentum with its GT3 lineage in the 992 rather than take a new route. Which is absolutely fine by us. Roll on spring…

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